10 tips to better sleep

10 Tips to Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital in getting enough energy for a productive day. But, unfortunately, one out of three of us don’t sleep enough or have trouble sleeping, studies say. It doesn’t matter which occupation or activity you are into whether it’s an office job, industrial job, or athlete. Better sleep is vital for quick recovery of the body as well as mind. And through it, you can be more productive mentally or in terms of physical performance the following day.

So, is quality sleep really that important or not? For many of us, it depends on your point of view. But generally, you need it especially if you love working out to improve your body performance and participate in regular exercise. Therefore sleep is very important, cut back on it and your gains from the workout will be a waste. And as such, you need to find tips on how to sleep better if you need more gains mentally and physically from your workout or in other occupations.

What takes place in your body during sleep?  10 tips to better sleep

Sleep indeed promotes a state of a tranquil or peaceful moment, but there is more to this. While you sleep, the following processes take place:

  • Secretion of hormones for tissue repair
  • Blood pressure drops as breathing and heartbeat slows
  • Brain refreshes as cellular wastes are flushed out by CSF (cerebral spinal fluid)
  • Muscle recovery and building
  • Replenishment of energy reserves
  • Among other health functions

Consequences of Quality sleep deprivation

On the other hand, if you fail to achieve a state of a deep sleep, the consequences are harsh such as:

  • Poor creativity, focus, thinking, & problem-solving skills
  • Memory issues both on long and short term memory
  • Low body energy levels
  • Poor recovery especially after workout causes underperformance the following day
  • Weakened immunity
  • Negatively affects your mod causes depressing, quick-temper and anxiety
  • Cardiovascular complications due to higher blood pressure
  • Poor balance and coordination leaving you susceptible to injuries from fall or any other physical damage
  • Slow metabolism
  • Among others

10 ways to get a good night’s sleep

Are you looking for sleep tips that might help you get to bed and fall asleep? The following are 10 tips to better sleep that will get you falling asleep in no time. These tips are effective and the results are unbelievable. So let’s start:

  1. Try it as a routine

Have you ever wonder why babies or kids seem to fall asleep at a specific time of the day or night? It’s because of routine sleep and the same can work for you as an adult. When you set a sleep schedule and stick to going to bed at a specific time every day, your body records it as a program. And when that time comes, you will feel sleepy and fall asleep naturally.

  1. Relax first

Although you may genuinely want to sleep, many people will find it hard to fall asleep when you are stressed up by anything whether it’s work-related or mild issues at home. These stresses will not only keep people being able to fall asleep but will also wake them up through the night resulting in only light sleep. So you must relax first before getting into bed. Take your time and set a night routine close to bedtime (preferably 30 minutes to an hour before bed) and read a book, play soothing music or even consider a warm bath. Try anything that relaxes your mind when you are stressed.

  1. Avoid technology

Maintain strict rules in your bedrooms for better sleep and on top of the list add avoid technology. Technologies like phones, TV, laptop, and tablet among others emit blue light which suppresses melatonin production, a hormone that promotes better sleep.

  1. Keep fit

If you are working out, that’s great as keeping fit promotes better sleep. Activity such as running, Bodyweight Calisthenics, Martial arts, or even parkour will benefit you will amazing results in all areas of life. However, the timing of the physical activity and its impact on energy levels matter. If you are among those who get tired and sleepy after workouts, then do it in the evening. However, if you are among those who become very active after workouts, then exercise earlier before evening.

  1. Foods to avoid before bed

Some foods promote sleep when you consume them in the evening. But some foods also suppresses sleep and promote activeness, thus you should avoid such kind of foods. Before bed, avoid alcohol, caffeine drinks, coffee, as well as restrict nicotine, sugary food, and avoid large meals. All the listed foods impact sleep quality and will increase the chances you will wake up throughout the night. resulting in a few hours of low-quality “light” sleep.

  1. Habits to avoid

If you have trouble sleeping, habits such as afternoon napping (especially late in the day) as much as they are healthy will worsen your sleep problems. But if you cant quit napping, then make it very short, about 15 to 20 minutes is enough for a nap. Also, keep your pet far from you at night. Their constant movement in the middle of the night or causing allergies can ruin your sleep and wake you at night.

  1. Get a comfortable mattress

A comfortable mattress is not an option when better sleep matters. Ensure the mattress you use is supportive of your body weight for comfort. This means you should not exceed the lifespan of your mattress if you need quality comfort and sleep.

  1. Tune your bedroom for better sleep

Your bedroom/ sleep environment needs to set the mood that promotes sleep at night. This includes dimming the light if you prefer them on throughout the night. Or switch off the light and maintain the room dark. Also, you can use heavier curtains if you have a street light directly in front of your bedroom window.

And the same applies if your bedroom receives the 5 am morning sunshine. Besides that, you need the bedroom quiet as any slight noise may wake you in the middle of the night. Lastly, a comfortable room temperature is important. Use an AC or modified blanket to get the right temperature for high-quality sleeping. 68-72oF is most commended by sleep experts.

  1. Trouble sleeping? Eat right

Don’t attempt to fall asleep hungry, the hours of hunger will feel like an eternity. Also, you should not overeat else you will lack a comfortable posture to sleep in when you go to bed. that said, consider foods with tryptophan such as milk. This nutrient promotes better sleep. Other food options include bananas, potatoes, oats, walnuts, and pumpkin among others. A healthy meal plan in & of itself will do wonders for your sleep quality.

  1. Contact your doctor

If you still can’t sleep better after trying the above 10 tips for better sleep, then contact your doctor for sleep medicine. A doctor will make sure to provide medical advice diagnosis or treatment. Powerful prescriptions (sleep medicine) may help you get better quality sleep at night.


If you are very active especially through vigorous exercise, then sleeping better is essential. And this is because your body needs to recover from exhaustion, energy depletion, and torn muscle tissues. And it’s only through sleep that you get the optimal recovery you require for optimal performance. This means you will experience less fatigue and intensify your exercises due to body rejuvenation.

Thus, it’s important to note that it’s only through better sleep that the body recovers by repairing torn muscles and building them bigger (you can learn more about this repair process and muscle growth here). During a workout, you will be tearing the muscle tissues and without rest means you will not gain from the workout. So, use the above 10 tips to better sleep if you want to know how to sleep better, recover well and improve body performance.

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