Amazing Cardio kickboxing workout

Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Amazing Cardio kickboxing workout

Cardio kickboxing is generated from the art of Kickboxing and one of the best fat-burning exercises for weight loss. Kickboxing is a standard martial art that uses kicks and punches which are developed by karate mixed with boxing. In kickboxing, the whole body is used for attacking and defending. So, the whole full body is working as one during the training. Therefore, kickboxing is a full-body workout that gives strength and fitness to the practitioner. Cardio kickboxing is different from standard kickboxing because of the variations in the training and exercises.

The core of both is the same but in standard kickboxing, it is mainly focusing on the attacks and defense techniques. In cardio-kickboxing, they are mainly focusing on strength gaining and fat loss. Cardio kickboxing classes can be seen in fitness gyms, and they usually combine full-body aerobic exercises with boxing and martial arts moves.

In Some classes, the usage of equipment can be seen, such as punching bags. These cardio kickboxing classes don’t have sparring with a partner like in standard kickboxing, in these types of classes’ partners holding targets for one. The best, and most popular, cardio kickboxing classes have participants strike freestanding bags.

The focus of cardio kickboxing is movement and fun. They are not focusing on the technique, as the boxing and martial arts moves are kept simple. Most classes consist of jabs and crosses, for example, not uppercuts and hooks. There is no resistance training, they do offer a tenacious whole-body workout, stimulate the mind, and build confidence. These workouts can perform by both males and females.

Cardio kickboxing is a fitness session that combines martial art techniques with fast-paced cardio. This gives the practitioner a highly intensive energy workout. Training cardio kickboxing builds stamina, balance the body and improve the flexibility and burn calories. Cardio kickboxing classes are held with kickboxing movements of punches kicks, and knee strikes set to fast-paced music. These sessions are combined with punches such as jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts. The lower body movements include knee strikes, roundhouse kicks, sidekicks, back and front kicks. These cardio kickboxing classes typically conduct 30 minutes to 1 hour of duration.  These classes are including with warm-up and cool-down as well as both dynamic and static stretching. Cardio kickboxing is a non-contact workout. All punches and kicks are thrown into the air or onto pads like shadow boxing.  This workout is a high-energy workout that can burn about 500 calories an hour.  These sessions can elevate the heart rate level to an intensive level in which cardiovascular conditioning takes place. This gives a positive impact on the heart and it helps to prevent many heart diseases. This kind of cardio conditioning helps to get fat loss and this loss may include the fat that can be so difficult to lose such as belly fat.  These cardio kickboxing classes go with the techniques, endurance, and mental health, and physical health improvements and combines each body part into one goal. Both cardio and standard kickboxing are exciting ways to get fit and stay motivated to move. Neither are boring, and both are solid ways to strengthen your body and your mind. Cardio kickboxing can use as the fundamental stage to get into standard kickboxing because the basic kicks, punches, and strength exercises are included in cardio kickboxing.

Cardio Kickboxing is a fun high-energy class with real-life applications. There are tons of benefits to learning kickboxing and other styles of martial arts. This cardio kickboxing is a very enjoyable and different workout for people. Typically, people do their cardio exercises on treadmills or bicycles in a gym. It’s very boring to people, but this cardio kickboxing is a new way to perform the workout while enjoying the workout. By this cardio kickboxing, it helps to get the muscle shape by burning the calories. Cardio kickboxing is also an effective way to relieve stress and frustration.

Also, if these training held in groups are also a great way of finding new acquaintances and cardio kickboxing helps to improve the confidence level of the person and get socialize, to learn to tolerate other people who have different physical levels, and to work with them. The breathing system is also improved by these Cardiovascular training These workout sessions help to releases hormones that improve the mood and block feelings of pain and also helps you to fall asleep faster, and helps you to get better quality sleep. If someone wants to learn self-defense and to get fat loss and strengthen up the body at the same time cardio kickboxing is the real deal.

In a cardio kickboxing class, it gives a full-body workout that engages every muscle group in the body, with a strong focus on the core. The rapid movements help to improve flexibility, balance, and coordination and can help to build faster reflexes for the practitioner. Regular performance of cardio kickboxing increases the energy level of the practitioner.

For a cardio kickboxing class, the requirements are very less and they are,

Wear comfortable clothing and deck shoes, a water bottle, and a small face towel. To the class, if the practitioner can arrive a few minutes early to sign any necessary paperwork before class it’s very easy to get the maximum outcome from the class.  Always try to stay where can get a clear view of the demonstrator or the instructor.  So, the practitioner can have good communication with the instructor. The benefit of cardio kickboxing is it’s easy to practice and also, it’s cost-effective.

For a beginner in kickboxing, the basic punches and kicks of cardio kickboxing workout can be used as a start. And there are many tips for the beginners such as a beginner should be slowly eased into kickboxing in order to reduce the risk of injury, unless there may be injuries easily. When choosing a kickboxing class, a beginner should consider the goals that he is aiming for.

Those goals may be weight loss, fitness seeking, or being able to fight in the competitions. And also, a beginner must have courage and willpower. Dedication for practicing is a must to have. When considering a week, participating in kickboxing must be done three days a week for one hour at a time. This is the minimum amount of time, if it is more than this time amount, you can have more results in your practices. A beginner must learn how to fuel up the body to maintain good wellbeing and to stay hydrated. For better results, proper nutrition intake along with being hydrated properly is needed.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout Example

cardio kickboxing workout

Following is an example of a workout that one could use to get their kickboxing started.

At first, engage in warm-up exercises as follows,

30 seconds of jump rope

30 seconds of leg swing

30 seconds of side swing

30 seconds of pushups

And then take a small rest, after that the round 01 starts,

30 seconds of jab + lead kick

30 seconds of jab + rear kick

Lead kicks- coast for 30 seconds

30 seconds of jab + lead kick

30 seconds of jab + rear kick

Rear kicks- coast for 30 seconds

After that take a rest. And thereby the round 02 starts,

30 seconds of jab + cross + lead kick

30 seconds of jab + cross + lead kick + lead kick

30 seconds of squats

30 seconds of jab + cross + rear kick

30 seconds of jab + cross + rear kick + rear kick

Lead hook + rear hook – burnout for 30 seconds

And after this second round, take a rest. Before starting round 3

30 seconds of jab + cross + lead hook + rear kick

30 seconds of jab + cross + lead hook + rear kick + rear kick

30 seconds of pushups

Take a rest after the above round and the round 04 starts,

30 seconds of jab + cross + lead kick + cross

Jab + cross – coast for 30 seconds

30 seconds of jab + cross + lead kick + cross + lead hook

30 seconds of jab + cross + lead kick + cross + lead hook + rear kick

Jab + cross – burnout for 30 seconds

And then the rounds are finished. Engaging in cool-down must be done.

30 seconds of light jump rope

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