5 Amazing Best diets For Weight Loss

best diets for weight loss

Best Diets For Weight Loss

What’s the best diet for weight loss? It’s a question that about half of adults in America have been asking themselves over the years. While you can find tons of diets that promise weight loss, there is no guarantee that it will work. And worst of all, the sheer number of these diet plans can overwhelm you when choosing one. So here are the best diets for weight loss to help you lose weight effectively. Further, they also provide you with additional health benefits besides just losing weight and can all be put into simple meal plans:


Mediterranean diets closely relate to Greece and Italian traditional foods. Even though they were meant for heart-related diseases, studies support that they are great for weight loss. But how does it work? It’s simple:

Eat food rich in protein and fibers like nuts, seafood, whole grains, tubers, veggies, fruits, and fish among others. Moderate foods like dairy products, poultry while restricting red meat. Also, avoid processed foods, trans-fat, and sugar. By doing so, you will shell off the excess weight and also prevent the consumption of more calories.

  • Pros
    • Weight loss
    • Combats cardiovascular diseases
    • Counteracts oxidative stress
    • Fights inflammation
  • Cons
    • It’s not very strict and therefore, weight loss may not be effective unless you target fewer calories.


The Keto diet is among the best diet for weight loss that works. The moment your body gets into ketosis, everything becomes easy. First, you will start with ketosis inducing diet plan. This involves foods with low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and higher fat content.

But once the body is in ketosis, the stored fats become the main source of fuel. And as such, weight loss begins. And before you start, you need expert approval. Therefore, approval from a clinical officer or doctor will be great according to expert recommendations.

  • Pros
    • Successful weight loss strategy
    • A wonderful option for people with diabetes type-2
    • Has additional health benefits
  • Cons
    • Works only when you are strict without cheat days
    • Keto side-effects

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is not easy but worth a try if you are searching for the best diet for weight loss.  You will have a diet plan that combines eating and fasting periods. However, it’s a bit flexible as you can choose which plan among the existing ones to work with.

Intermittent fasting works through fasting for a given period to shell calorie intake. And thereafter, you can have your restricted meal. However, if you overeat after fasting, you will be compensating for the lost calorie. And as such, you would have gained nothing.

According to a trusted source, intermittent fasting has a 3 to 8% loss of weight guarantee from one to six months. And this is a remarkable success in comparison to other similar techniques.

  • Pros
    • Higher success rate
    • Anti-aging effects
    • boost cognitive functions
    • reduce inflammation
    • higher insulin responsiveness
  • Cons
    • Quite sensitive to pregnant women and those with diabetes, and eating disorders.

Low-fat plan

Now, this is a tricky part, as fatty foods are not only a favorite to many people but they are also essential to the body. However, it’s a very important diet plan as excess fats in the body are a serious health threat as well. This diet plan has been around for decades.

It involves shelling daily fat consumption up to 30% of your total calorie intake. And that’s not all; there are certain low-fat food plans which target as low as 10%. So depending on your urgency of losing weight, you can work with either 10% or 30%.

Why a low-fat plan, it’s because, with every gram of fat you take, it’s equivalent to double calories consumption. And this is greater when compared to calories your body derives from carbs and protein diets. So when you restrict fat consumption, weight loss improves more.

  • Pros
    • Effective weight loss diet
    • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular complications
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Improves diabetes
  • Cons
    • Fat is essential in the body hence too much limiting may result in negative side effects.

Low-carb plan

A Low-carb plan is also one of the best diets for weight loss. It’s very popular and has been around over the years. Some of the common examples of the low-carb plan are the LCHF diet and Atkins. And it includes the Keto diet we’ve covered earlier.

But how do you lose weight through this plan? It’s simple, you will have to restrict carbohydrate consumption and instead take more protein and fat-rich meals. Protein enhances fullness, boosts the metabolism of stored fats, and also protects your muscle from wasting.

  • Pros
    • General weight loss
    • Loss of belly fat
    • Protects you from cardiovascular diseases
    • Improves blood glucose
    • Boost insulin responsiveness
  • Cons
    • May boost bad cholesterol

Vegetarian/Veganism diet

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Well, there is something for you if you want to lose weight. There are purely plant diets that will support weight loss without having to take any animal product. With this diet, say goodbye to animal products whether it’s dairy or poultry. Also, you will avoid others like honey, casein, whey, and gelatin.

And instead consume lots of whole grains, fruits, and veggies. But, if are not into vegetarian or veganism, and you still want to follow this diet plan, try the flexitarian diet. This diet allows you to slip in a few animal products in your vegan diet.

  • Pros
    • Curbs cardiovascular diseases
    • Weight loss
    • Boost immunity against cancer
    • Environmentally friendly
  • Cons
    • You may miss out on vital nutrients like omega-3, calcium, iron, and zinc among others.


These diets work uniquely, as you will find some that aim at suppressing your appetite to induce weight loss. Some will promote carb restriction while certain diets will encourage fasting. But what cuts across all of them? Yes, your guess is right, reducing calorie consumption and boosting body metabolism of the fat reserves.

Thus, at the end of it all, the best diet for weight loss is the one that promotes calorie deficit whichever way. But that’s not all; you should be able to maintain it without straining or having cheat days.

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