Best Fat Burning Exercises for guaranteed Weight loss

fat burning exercises

Best Fat Burning Exercises for guaranteed Weight loss
fat burning exercises

Walk into a gym at any time and ask any group of people what one of their health and fitness goals are, of course, it will vary per person but many of them would tell you that they’re performing fat burning exercises trying to shed some belly fat and shrink their waist size. Studies have shown that within the united states alone, the death rate from heart disease is at an all-time high.

Many people could afford to lose weight and are very aware of that fact, but many people may have trouble progressing to keep losing weight over time or never even get started due to a lack of basic core weight management practices.

Before we get started diving into information about methods of fat burning, we must know what exactly burning belly fat. Fat burning not only means losing bodyweight but more specifically to get effective at controlling the right energy balance between how many calories you burn and how many calories you eat (you can learn more about this topic in my article Simple meal plans to lose weight).

However, there are many ways to burn fat, shape up the body and reduce weight with practically any activity that will get your heart rate pumping such as parkour, martial artsstrength training in a gym or even performing home bodyweight workouts. these are some of the best training methods that may help you get a fun and effective cardio workout and achieve weight loss.

Benefits of Workout Exercise fat burning exercises

Regular exercise at home or in a gym can help improve your muscle strength and boost your stamina. High-intensity exercise supplies oxygen to the muscle tissues of your body and benefits your cardiovascular system to work more competently. This may advance the health of your heart and lungs, providing you with additional energy and strength to do daily chores or any other physical tasks.

Weight loss exercises at home can prevent or even reverse the effects of certain diseases and also lower blood pressure
and cholesterol which may prevent a heart attack. Studies have found that even training with a 30 minutes full body workout per day could lower the risk of developing certain types of cancers.

These fat-burning exercises help deliver a sense of confidence, and possibly dropping rates of nervousness and depression as even the simplest workout will leave you feeling fresh and positive.

What Exercises burn the most belly fat?

There are many various kinds of exercises one can perform either at home or in the gym in order to succesfully burn belly fat and lose weight. Try a workout with the following exercises for at least 30 minutes per session a day to get started on your health and fitness routine.

1. Decline press-up Jacks

These are great exercises for your arms as well as getting your heart rate up. To do this all you need to Start with a press-up position with your legs on either side of the box and Jump your feet up onto the box and then jump back down.
However, repeating this process will benefit increase in stamina and reduce fats and shape your body.


There are no fat burning exercises at home without Burpees. It is a body strengthening exercise that includes jumps,
Squats, planks, and lastly, push-ups. How to do a Burpee? It’s very simple all you need to stand straight up and jump. Then land your feet followed by your hands on the floor. Next, bring your feet back and do a push-up, then bring your feet back in
and stand up into the very starting position. Hint: Try these for 30 minutes straight for a killer fat burning workout.

3.Alternating jumping

This exercise is one of the great to workout at home easily. To do this exercise Lunge forward and downwards and then,
spring back up and switch your legs over into the air so that you land with the opposite foot forward. Try to keep the pace
up while maintaining a deep lunge. Reach your hands out to each side to help you keep your balance. This is a great exercise for your leg muscles

4.Sidebox jumps
It is great for your gluteus muscles, legs, and core. To perform this exercise, you need to stand at one side of
the box then jump and land on top of the box with both feet at the same time, and then Jump again back down to the other

5.Frog jumps
These are a real killer and it’s surprising how quickly they get your heart rate up. All you have to do is to jump with both
legs over the box and turn around to jump back over it again.

6.High knees
Simple to pick up but incredibly hard to maintain, high knees make a great exercise for your leg muscles, cardiovascular system, and abdominal muscle. Using your arms in this exercise helps your body to fully engage, just “jog” in place, alternating between raising your left and right knee waist height.

7.Mountain climbers
Don’t worry these are not actual mountains you have to climb. To perform mountain climbers, position yourself by placing your hands on the floor so you are in a slope position. Take one knee in towards your core while balancing on your one leg and hands. Extend and straighten your leg back into the starting position and then for the same thing for the other leg as well. Do this and keep going until the minutes up. These are great for working on your core (abs) muscles and shoulder muscles.

8.Quick step-ups
This is a very fast exercise, quick step-ups are one of the best exercises to perform in your workout if you want to lose belly fat. To start this exercise, first set the blocks to a good attitude in front of you, then step up with one leg lifting yourself on top of the block. Lower yourself back down and repeat on the other side. Repeat for several minutes.

9.Side to Side Jumps
Start from the starting position and jump sideways to either your left or right side. After landing, jump in the opposite direction. This is a great health exercise that not only works your legs but your core as well. Practice these and time yourself. Make note of how long you could perform per session to track your progress.

10.Leg raises
It is an exercise that can give a great effect on burning the fat from your abdomen. To start, Lie down on the
floor with your feet up straight. Raise your legs together at a 90-degree angle above your body while keeping your back flat, feet together and your abs controlling the movement. Next, slowly bring the legs back down in the starting position and repeat as much as you can.

Role of diet in weight loss

For many, the best way to lower body fat and burn more calories is by combining weight loss training with a good healthy diet is an additional effective way to lose weight other than being dependent on exercise alone. This is because it is very hard to out-train poor nutrition. Habits such as tracking the number of calories you eat per day along with consuming wholesome, nutrient-dense foods will not only help you lose more body fat more quickly but may also help make the whole process much more bearable.

Healthy meals and snacks are the foundation of the human diet. The following foods are very healthful and
rich in nutrients, providing the body with the right essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain energy and weight management.
 Fresh fruit and vegetables

 Fish
 Legumes
 Nuts
 Seeds
 Whole grain

Food which should be avoided to eat during fat burning exercises home
 Food with additional oils, butter, and sugar
 Fatty red or processed meats
 Baked goods
 Bagels/white bread
 Processed foods

People have found evidence that solvable dietary fiber during a diet may cause
many improvements in metabolic health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Lastly, make sure your eating plenty of protein. this will create a feeling of satiation and reduce hunger levels in the body, which can make cravings more controlled and help you burn fat in an effective and easy way.

Foods high in protein also have what is known as a thermogenic effect on the body, meaning it takes more energy and time for the body to digest and get the nutrients from foods like chicken and fish. This is the best trick to burn calories as it barely takes any real work.

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