eMeals reviews 2021: Price, Menu & options

emeals reviews

eMeals Reviews 2021: Price, Menu & Options

Running daily responsibilities like going to work, running errands and household chores among others is quite exhausting.  Statistics show that more than 50% of USA people eat at the restaurant at least once a week. It also shows that more than 15% of USA people eat at the restaurant for dinner at least thrice per week. It is an indication that they cost more money on eating the outside food than the average budget because of the busy life. But did you know that you can make your work easier by simplifying your meal planning? Yes, this is possible and it’s all thanks to eMeals. With eMeals, you no longer have to be stressed about meal plans but instead, you have a reason to be happy and enjoy it. Learn more with this eMeals reviews article

But what exactly is eMeals and how does it work? In this emeals review, you can learn all about this service and the great benefits of using emeals. Also, there will be several cons about it that are listed. And for further inquiries, there are FAQs to assist you. Let’s begin:

What’s eMeals?

eMeals is an online subscription-based meal service designed to make meal planning preparations easier and enjoyable. eMeals offers vital tools you need for healthy family cooking at home every day of the week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Through this service, you may customize your cooking experience by combining different recipes that work really great together. And whichever recipe you choose, there is the main course as well as a side dish.

You can get our emeal plan from both our app and online platform. Our both online and app platform offers you prefer to choose the meal plan whichever you and your family’s dietary and nutritional preferences like healthful, budget-friendly, Keto, low carb, etc. Our emeal service is not a bad option to start.

Also, you are provided with stepwise instructions on how to prepare the meal and nutritional information to help you along. Even though eMeal concentrates on dinner meals mostly, it doesn’t mean you can’t get recipes for breakfast, dessert, lunch, or for special occasions. With an additional fee, you can add the recipes for various occasions besides dinner dishes.

Lastly, you can use this service to find meal plans specific to certain strict diet plans such as Keto and Paleo.

What types of meal plans do they offer?

One of the fascinating sides of the emeal is, people cherish emeals and they have many options available to choose. The list of meal options that eMeals has to offer is long. And that’s not all; with the eMeals menu, you get different categories of diet plans for those who need special recipes. That said, the following list is some of the plans offered:

  • Low carb
  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Low Calorie
  • Clean eating
  • Vegetarian
  • Diabetic
  • Vegan
  • Heart Healthy
  • Gluten-free
  • Others


You can change the emeal offer and size any time after your previous plan or every week. So you can choose whatever emeal plan you want and whatever meal size you want.



We use fresh and high-quality groceries in our eMeals. We do not add any types of preservatives, nitrates, or hormones in our meals. But, these may be present as natural additives in some of the ingredients at the time of ingredient purchases. There is detailed information about each serving nutrients and a full ingredient list in our menu items feature.

Diet favor meal

Our menu items are designed for distinctive health conditions. We are mostly concerned about diabetes-friendly menus and diet-friendly menus. Our menus feature low-carb ingredients and it will help you to control blood sugar. Our meals are also low in sodium and fat so that it is a completely heart-friendly menu. Apart from that, our meals are high in protein which offers you perfect diet control.

Health benefits

You can enjoy our robust and fresh meals at home, you don’t have to worry about dietary and health benefits. Our meal plan is beneficial for young, old adults of the family who are looking for fresh foods. Our variety of emeal plan is not a bad option for managing heart disease, diabetes disease conditions. 


How Meal Planning works

Try our eMeal plans! Our meal planning service is able to help you to be economic. Try, enjoy and learn new recipes at home every day. Let’s know how our emeal plan works:

Step1: sign-up

The first step is to create an account with eMeals with based information such as your name, email, etc. Thereafter, you can use the 14 days free trial to test if this service suits you. However, you will have to provide credit card information for charging once the free trial period is over. if you decide not to go along with the subscription, just cancel anytime.

Step2: choose a plan

There are varieties of meal plans to choose from. In this case, you have to select one based on what fits you and your family. After picking the meal plan, you will be provided with a seven-day plan of recipes and a shopping list you will need to prepare the meals for that week. At the end of the seven days, you will receive another set of recipes for the following seven days as well as a grocery list for those recipes.

If you want to get breakfast, lunch, or dinner plans, you have to choose their plans. Thereafter, you can specify the number of people or family members who will benefit from the plans. And then choose the grocery store you prefer for shopping since the shopping list of groceries you will get is based on the items available in the grocery store you chose.

At the moment the stores available with eMeals include:

  • Shipt
  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • Instacart
  • Amazofresh
  • Others

Once you have the recipe for the main course and side dishes, it’s time to go shopping for the items on your provided grocery list. Emeals allows you to choose whether you want to do the shopping or choose any of the above stores and the items can be delivered to you. No need to worry about any ingredients being left out as eMeals will add items required for the dinner/ meal plan.

Step3: Cook

Now that you have everything, it’s time to cook. Follow the stepwise instruction for each meal and prepare your dish. You can check and try innovative recipes from food blogs or videos. If you are a regular cooker at home, then you can innovate a new style of recipe on your own as well.

Meal Plan and Pricing

Do you want to sign-up for this service but don’t know what plans to choose? You can choose either a three months emeal package plan or 12 months emeal package plan. Well, the plan and pricing are as follows:

  • 3-month plan for $9.99 per month
  • 12-month Annual plan for $4.99 per month
  • Save up to $2000 annually with an eMeals subscription, according to customer feedback

Our emeal plan’s cost is very cheap in comparison to other competitors. Our meal plan is especially dedicated for you if you want a fresh meal as well as a budgeted meal. As you can see, the longer the subscription plan, the more money you save (the annual plan will save you about $5 per month versus the subscription plans for 3 months). And please note, the subscription plan will auto-renew unless you cancel it.


  • Budget-friendly menu plans
  • Easy-to-use Smartphone application app
  • Meals are simple to prepare but very delicious
  • Variety of quick and healthy meals to choose from
  • Offers special meal/ diet plans/ Kid-friendly meals
  • Accommodates meal swapping in case you are in the mood for a different type of dish
  • You can get a lunch or breakfast menu as well
  • Great service if you love to host get together or parties at your home
  • Facebook page for free kitchen tips
  • Save money and time
  • Easy to source meal ingredients that can be found in any grocery store
  • Supports custom meal plans based on your needs


  • You will have to cook at home even when you detest cooking. However, it’s a fun experience as the recipes are explained in detail for easy application.
  • Some special diet plans could need pricey ingredients


Who is eMeals intended For?

If you love cooking and eating at home, a subscription to an emeal plan will be the most beneficial for you. But, there are types of people for whom emeal it the most beneficial:

Food lover:

If you have the enthusiasm for cooking and have the cherish for trying new recipes and flavors but do not get sufficient time, emeals will certainly benefit you. Our meal plans include fresh ingredients and many flavors. You can alter your meal plans to try new varieties if you want.

People who love to eat often:

Emeals can make your plan easy if you eat out invariably but want to save money as well. If you are able to cook at home then that is the plus, but if you can’t then try to take some time to learn to cook at home. However, our emeal will save your money significantly on food cost.

Busy parents:

Our eMeal plans are originally intended for those parents who are employees or busy workers. With our emeal plan, busy parents can make their foodstuff in quick time without any hassle. you don’t have to the grocery store at all. Our emeal are definitely family-friendly as well as kid-friendly. 

Bachelor people:

In the US, there are a large number of bachelor workers, Non-US workers, or students. In general, they are busy people in nature and get only a little time to spend on cooking and eating. Our emeal plans are also targeted for them as well. Our meal plan will definitely help them to cook the foodstuff in a quick time at home.

Beginner exerciser or Sports person:

If you are a new sportsperson or beginner exerciser and don’t know where to start your diet plan, our emeal plan will help to build your diet meal plan or small-carb meal plan. We provide a fresh and diet-friendly meal plan for you. You can choose any diet plan from our emeal plan list whichever suits you.

Is our emeal plan worth your money?

if you are looking for a meal plan which can optimize your valuable time as well as money. Here are the few things you will experience with our eMeals.

  • Cost less: EMeals reduces your excess spending which you spend on restaurant foods and also reduces grocery bills as well. You may buy a few veggies, some you may eat, and rest you may not use, it results in a waste of grocery and money together. Our emeal plan’s grocery list is made with this concern as well.
  • Optimize time: Before cooking anything, either you have to look for ingredients in your cupboard or you have to go to the grocery store. This costs lots of your time. But, with the emeal, you just need the cooking time and that’s it. 
  • Eat healthy food at home: We and our family are more or less addicted to junk’ fast food or restaurant food. Most of the time those foods are unhealthy. Emeals are not a bad option to avoid unhealthy food. Eat fresh and be fresh.
  • You can change menu plans: Whichever plan you desire you can have that. You can change your next meal plan after every plan or every week whenever you or your family want. You can check other emeal plans online as well as in the app. Our each and every meal plan is cost-friendly. 

So, our eMeal will definitely be worth it for you. It will be worth both of your time and money. Try it today!



Is it worth it to sign-up for eMeals services?

Yes, it’s worth it. This service saves you money and time you spend in sourcing your groceries as well as in cooking. You don’t believe this, try the two weeks trial and you will fall in love with it.

Can you cancel it?

If you are no longer interested in this service, you may cancel your subscription. Get in touch with customer care and this will be done for you.

Is there an eMeal app?

Yes, there is an android and iOS mobile app for this meal planning service. It’s meant to improve customer experience and make it easier for customers to sign up, choose your plan and also order for delivery of groceries.

eMeals Review CONCLUSION

Up until now, there hasn’t really been anything quite like eMeals. It provides easy-to-make recipes & meals that are perfect for everyone to love. Using eMeals is really great for those who want to optimize time by having all their grocery shopping delivered for them. Saves time by providing a ready meal plan and all you are left with to do is cook the dish. If you want to save money, then I highly recommend their “budget-friendly” meal plan.

And since it has a variety of meal plans, you can get a plan that suits you and your family with ease. And for those who need a special diet like meals for diabetic, heart-healthy dishes, vegan or keto diet among others, there is a plan for you. So sign up for eMeals service today and enhance your cooking experience at home besides saving time and money.

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