The Best Home Gym Equipment In 2020 Guaranteed

best home gym equipment in 2020

The Best Home Gym Equipment In 2020 Guaranteed

The year 2020 forced many great changes to many of our daily tasks & lifestyles. While some things were unavoidable, your goals to stay fit should never be compromised! Because of this, there may never be a better time to cancel that gym membership and start shopping for some of the best home gym equipment in 2020 so you can continue to stay safe while pumping out a great home workout.

While 2020 may allow visits to the gym, A home gym space to train may hold benefits never considered like

  • Cheaper long term cost due to a monthly gym membership
  • No commuting to a busy gym resulting in a faster workout
  • Allows you the freedom to perform any exercises you want, whenever you want

With all that being said, here are the top picks for the best home gym workout equipment in 2020.


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Best Home Gym equipment in 2020

1. Sportsroyals Power Tower Fitness Exercise Station

Starting off This 2020 home gym adventure is an amazing pull up bar/dip station. This high-quality workout machine is essential for any home gym from basic to advanced. One of 2020’s best is the “Sportsroyals Power Tower Fitness Exercise Station is rust & corrosion-proof and is made of heavy-gauge steel construction that can withhold a maximum weight load of 400Ib on the pull up bar.

Easy to use padded grip/elbow protection with soft foam to provide comfort and prevent slipping during training. This piece of equipment is ideal for those who want to work exercises pull-ups, dips, leg raises, and other upper body movements that work more than one muscle group at a time like such as back, biceps, chest, shoulders, abs & grip strength.

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip fitness Station Pull Up Bar

Price: $185.99

Best Home Gym equipment in 2020

2. Fitness Reality Multi-Function Adjustable Exercise Fitness Power Rack Squat Stand

The second item on this list is yet another essential piece of equipment for all home gyms and fitness goals. Squat racks are used for strength training within all fitness levels with heavy compound lifts like Barbell squats, Barbell bench press & deadlifts. A great workout machine like a quality power rack ensures you can max out and build muscle during a full body workout for upper and lower body training. 

The “Fitness Reality Multi-Function Adjustable Fitness Power Rack Squat Stand” is one of the highest quality racks on the market being made of steel and strong enough to hold a max weight stack of 800Ib! It provides two sets of adjustable height levels (upper and lower) to serve any movement whether it be squatting, benching or Deadlifting

Fitness Reality Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack Squat Stand

Price: $249.00

Best Home Gym equipment in 2020

3. Bowflex 3.1S Adjustable Home Gym Exercise Fitness Bench

To go along with the squat rack looked at previously is a high-quality adjustable weight bench. This can be used for many sorts of strength training exercises, bodyweight dips & dumbbell movements such as the “dumbbell one-arm row”.

The “Bowflex 3.1S Adjustable Home Gym Fitness Benchis a great choice when choosing which weight bench to get. Its sturdy structure is made of thick steel foundation & sweat and tear-resistant vinyl fabric to create a cool and aesthetically pleasing look.

it provides a ladder back adjustment for angles from a full decline to military press position using convenient side handles as well as a 3-position adjustable seat and 4-position leg holder. Lastly, this bench provides each transportation due to each to move wheels on the legs & can hold a max weight of 1500Ib.


Bowflex 3.1S Adjustable Home Gym Fitness Bench
price: $279.18

Best Home Gym equipment in 2020

4. Step Fitness Club Quality 4-Weight Home Gym Barbell Set

Obviously, if we’re going to have a rack & weight bench then you may want a barbell to get the complete setup. The “Step Fitness Club Quality 4-Weight Home Gym Barbell Set” includes a hardy 60Ib steel weight bar along with 8 multi-grip weight stack plates. 

Step Fitness Club Quality 4-Weight Home Gym Barbell Set

Price: $240.00


5. Bowflex SelectTech 552 – Adjustable Fitness Bowflex Dumbbells

Dumbells are an obvious staple for any weight training routine aimed to build muscle, but especially useful for home gyms. Dumbbells are so versatile that they can almost be used with any movement to train any body part. The “Bowflex SelectTech 552 – Adjustable Fitness Bowflex Dumbbells” provides 5 to 52.5 pounds of resistance that adjust in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds in the weight stack. This one of a kind piece of Bowflex home gym equipment may also eliminate the need to get multiple dumbbells each with a set weight that would clutter your workout space.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 – Adjustable Fitness Dumbbells


Price: $322.00


6. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Home Workout Kettlebell Weights

Believe it or not, the “Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Home Workout Kettlebell Weights” is one of your best home gym equipment in 2020. This is due to the kettlebells ability to add resistance to body movements that normally wouldn’t be performed outside the home gym.

For example, the bench press only allows you to get stronger at the one movement within that exercise, pushing a weight load out in front of you. The kettlebell on the other hand allows you to stronger and virtually any movement the body could possibly perform. This results in training specific muscle that is not usually noticed but play a vital role in overall strength. 



Bowflex SelecTech Adjustable home Workout Kettlebell Weights


7. 5BILLION XL Home Gym Parallette Bars

Parrallettes are used mainly for body weight movements & are Ideal for training beginner calisthenics movements such as the tricep dip & elevated push-up. The “5BILLION XL Home Gym Parallette Bars”  are weld steel constructed and can load a max of 660Ib. It provides a safe feel with its sweat absorbing foam grips and sturdy rubber feet, providing a none-sliding surface for any type of flooring. 





5BILLION XL Home gym Parallette Bars
Price: $69.99


8. Fat Gripz

Introducing one uncommon but incredibly useful 2020 home gym essential. If you’ve struggled adding size to those forearms then you may want to get a tool like Fat Gripz!. Apply it to handles of other workout equipment like dumbbells or the handle of resistance bands.

Let me ask you something. When you perform a pull-up or a deadlift with heavyweight, what do you feel like is the first thing to fatigue & give out on you? Most performances of key exercises like the leg raise struggle because of a lack or underdevelopment of your hand muscle. “Fat Gripz” helps to strengthen the main muscle in your forearms and hands so you can work more reps in without your grip pre-maturely giving out.




Fat Gripz

Price: $29.00


9. RUNFast Adjustable Weighted Vest

Weight vests are one of the best products to get for upper and lower body exercise, as you can wear them while performing any exercise for extra weighted resistance. The “RUNFast Adjustable Weighted Vest” includes 12Ib – 140Ib of added weight is incredible for weighted pull-ups, Dips, Squats, Bodyweight exercises & pretty much every movement imaginable. Heck, you can even get a workout just WALKING with this thing on. 






RUNFast Adjustable Weighted Vest




10. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Heavy bags are one of the most versatile & useful tools for your home gym in 2020 you can ever purchase and the benefits you can gain out of one is second to none. Although Bags are associated with boxing, this piece of equipment provides a full body workout that trains a wide variety of athletic skills such as MMA, Martial Arts, endurance, power, flexibility, muscle growth along with being a great way to get a good cardio workout to train your heart rate. The “Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit” provides a 70Ib bag made of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand, a pair of boxing gloves, and protective hand wraps.





Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit



11. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

Whether or not you practice yoga (which I recommend you do) doesn’t change the use exercise mats offers. While yes this can be handy for practicing low impact poses such as the Cobra and bridge, The “BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat provides a padded anti-tear layer between you & the floor making it perfect for mobility work and flexibility routines. A Yoga mat is one of the best pieces of equipment for full body exercises that require minimum space




BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat


12. Bowflex Boost Activity Fitness Tracker

The “Bowflex Boost Activity Fitness Tracker” is one of 2020’s best home gym fitness equipment tools you may want to get for tracking smart exercise & and body data like heart rate and the number of calories burned. One great bonus of this small exercise machine is the small space it takes up while allowing for 24/7 tracking.

Bowflex Boost Activity Fitness Tracker


13. Bowflex VeloCore 16 Cycling Bike Home Gym Workout Machine

One exercise machine that works like no other is a quality Peloton exercise bike. The “Bowflex VeloCore 16 Cycling Bike Home Gym Workout Machine” for example, is a quality Bowflex series exercise bike on the market right now with many unique features. This peloton bike provides great resistance training with multiple advanced Modes for all fitness levels to work more than one muscle group within one single full body workout and burn through weight loss.


Bowflex VeloCore 16 Cycling Home Gym Workout Machine


14. DEGOL Fitness Jump Rope with Ball Bearings

Jump rope may surprise you on a list for the best home gym equipment within 2020, But it’s one of the best home exercise equipment tools you can buy because of the great use that one can get from it. 

All Jump Rope including the “Degol Fitness Jump Rope With Ball Bearings” can provide one heck of a home gym workout for any level of fitness. Whatever you are looking to train your body for, Jump Rope is a must get for any home gym.



Degol Fitness Jump Rope with Ball Bearings


15. LYNXSOU Home Gym Workout Resistance Bands 

No home gym could be its best without the use of some good quality, snap-resistant exercise resistance bands such as the “LYNXSOU Home Gym Workout Resistance Bands. This resistance isn’t aesthetically stacked weight but the wide use & range of exercises that you get from resistance bands within one’s home workout makes it one of the best fitness tools to get. 



LYNXSOU Home Gym Workout Resistance Bands

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